Cruising represents an age of elegance, sophistication and romance, along with the feeling of enjoying such a rich travel experience that instils a cruise vacation with so much mystique. Despite the ultra modern appeal to all the new cruise ships and their facilities, there remains a mystique about a cruise vacation, which no other type of vacation can capture or recreate. There is nothing in the world of travel that can compare with seeing the sun raise and the feeling of sailing into a new port first thing in the morning to seeing all the sights and listing to all the sounds of a new day of adventure unfold before you. On top of the mystique, there are many more tangible attractions to cruising, such as value for money, excellence of service, huge variety of appeal and an ideal source of all round entertainment and fun.


Cruising is a wonder fully thrilling way to spend a vacation for a week or more, but it is so easy to go wrong in what is a highly complex and specialized area of travel. Just trying to work out the average cruise brochure can cause you some headaches. The shear variety of cruises on offer and their destinations is becoming wider and more bewildering all the time. Cruising is a diverse and multi dimensional product. From the budget priced basic cruise experience to the ultra luxury of the all-inclusive small ships, from the Caribbean super-lines to the adventure ships cruising the waters of the Antarctic. Cruising is a breathtaking and broad experience.


Us at Amiral can help you with this choice and simplify the process. Our trained staff will sort through your needs and your budget and suggest the best package for you, thus guaranteeing an unforgettable experience tailored to your needs and desires. Happy sailing!

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