Eight day trip to Cannes or Nice and Paris

Apart from posturing boutiques, hotels and restaurants, both Cannes and Nice have a few pleasant beaches and are a great place to relax and breath in the Frech joie de vivre! Spend a few days there then move to the magical glory that is Paris. Wander around famous landmarks and gltizy botiques or walk along the tree lined streets and visit the museums and the artworld, whatever your pleasure Paris will provide.


Useful Information 




What you can buy 

What you can buy – the throbbing heart of the fashion world, haute coutre is the obvious attraction here! Other firm favorites are cheese, bread, wine, chocolate, and art of all types. Where you can buy – try one of the myriad boutiques that are often worth a visit in themselves. The lively flea markets are full of bargains. 





Whatever your tastes, you’ll never be bored in Paris. Music lovers can bounce from grand opera to smoky little jazz clubs to cabaret and end the night with some uplifting house or salsa. The cinema and theatre options are boundless, and the exhausted can recover in a series of stylish bars. 




France’s National Day, 14 July, commemorates the 1789 storming of the Bastille prison, the event that kicked off the French Revolution. Across the country, the holiday is celebrated with serious abandon, especially in Paris, where the day ends with a massive fireworks display and throngs of people in the streets.


   Places of Intrest



It’s difficult not to be impressed with your first sighting of the massive Abbaye du Mont St-Michel , a soaring abbey, nor the French Gothic masterpiece of Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris. Of course a visit to France is not complete without a visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower, a drive round the Arc de Triomphe and a cup of coffee on the Champs-Élysées. If you have even the merest interest in the fruits of human civilisation from antiquity to the 19th century, then visit the Musée du Louvre, its not as crouded as people presume. Château de Versailles, is the most visited palace in France and the renowned Galerie des Glaces or Hall of Mirrors will delight the visitor. Disney Land Paris is not quite the complete French experience but definitly worth the visit if you’re a thrill seeker.


   Sports and Leisure



On an airy summer’s day get onto the cool of the water - float down the Seine (or the Marne, the Oise or any of the city’s canals) in a canal boat. Rentals are available year-round.


   Out and About


Gaze rapturously at its breezy boulevards, impressive monuments, great works of art and magic lights. Savour its gourmet selection of cheese, chocolate, wine and seafood. Feel the wind in your face as you rollerblade through Bastille, or a frisson of fear and pleasure atop the Eiffel Tower.





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