Seven day trip to New Delhi and Mumbai

The spicy, scented air and sultry afternoons evoke a feeling excitment that is unparralled. Explore this land of ancient mysteries, palaces and temples and enjoy the exotic food, friendly people in a land where time stands still to bow for beauty.


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What you can buy 

What you can buy –The shopping possibilities in Delhi are excellent; you can buy almost anything from anywhere in India here. Delhi specialities include attar, an essential oil made with flowers and herbs, and zardozi, embroidery made with gold and silver thread. fabrics, silverware, carpets, leatherwork, antiques the list is endless India is a shopping paradise. Goods are exotic, attractive, beautiful hand-crafted and excellent value for money. Make sure to bargain hard - it’s expected. Where you can buy – modern shopping malls, traditional markets, specilist botiques.Note that Mumbai is India’s great marketplace; its almost one large bazzar. 







Mumbai has vibrant streetlife, India’s best nightlife, and more bazaars than you could ever explore.






Holil , in February or March, is one of the most exuberant Hindu festivals. To mark the end of winter, people chuck large quantities of coloured water and powder at one another - tourists are not excluded. If you’re in Delhi in July don’t miss the International Mango Festival, when Talkatora Stadium hosts hundreds of varieties of the heavenly fruit. August and September are happy festival months - during Ganesh Chaturthi , the elephant-headed god gets heaps of attention, while on Janmashtami, Krishna’s birth is celebrated with plenty of mischief-making. Ram Lila, India’s most popular festival, runs over 10 days in September or October. The Ramayana is acted out and huge images of the demon Ravana are burnt. In late October, Hindu households light oil lamps to guide the god Rama home from exile, during the festival of Deepavali, which is also known as the festival of sweets.


   Places of Intrest




Icons like the Taj Mahal , deep-breath beaches and a vivid layering of cultures are just the start. Both Old and New Delhi exert a beguiling charm on visitors. Lose yourself unwinding the secrets of the city’s Mughal past in the labyrinthine streets of Old Delhi before emerging into the wide open spaces of imperial New Delhi, with its ordered governmental vistas and generous leafy avenues. St Thomas’ Cathedral is a charming church is the oldest English building in Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, also known as the Prince of Wales Museum, is an interesting musem set in a garden.


   Sports and Leisure




Swimming, golf and tennis are the highlights. Ayurveda in Sanskrit means “the science of Life”. It is an ancient, unfailing system of treatment based on medicines prepared from herbal plants found in abundance in India. Consider getting a healing massage the Ayurveda way.


   Out and About


The hungry traveller is well catered for in Delhi, with a variety of restaurants to suit different tastes and pockets. There’s everything from delicious snacks of chapatis and roti to thalis (meals) that combine wonder ful curries, relishes and tastes to fascinate the palate.





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