Spain 1

Eight day trip to Andalucia, Costa Del Sol & Toledo

Visit Cordoba and its world famous mosque. Enjoy the monumental and panoramic view of Seville then explore the city cathedral, the infamous Santa Cruz Quarter and the Spain Square. Travel to Costa Del Sol while passing by jerez and Cadiz. Then live the magic of Granada city and the Alhambra Palace.



Spain 2
Eleven day tour of Andalucia & Portugal


Enjoy the best of both countries in this excitement packed trip. The highlights are the famous cities of Fatima, Lisbon, Sevilla and Granada.




Spain 3
Thirteen day tour of Andalucia & Morocco

Over indulge your senses with this trip of exotic worlds. Visit the Alhambra Palace, the famous mosque of Seville and the Santa Cruz Quarter then sail to Tangier and get a taste of pure Moroccan magic in Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech. Then visit the imperial City of Mekenes and the artistic city of Fez. End the tour by passing by Algeciras on the way back to Costa Del Sol in Spain. Granada rounds up the trip nicely.



Spain 4
Eleven day tour of Andalucia & the Levante


Visit the famous mosque in Cordoba then drive to Sevilla and visit the famous cathedral there. Spend two days in Granada then depart to Alicante passing by Guadiz, Baza, Puerto Lumreras and Murcia. Visit Barcelona stopping by Calpe and Valencia. End the tour by seeing the town of Zaragza before heading to Madrid for departure.




Useful Information




What you can buy 

What you can buy – be impressed with the quality of goods on offer in Spain. The prices are reasonable and the service is courteous. Be sure to buy some of the fine Spanish fans, shawls, umbrellas and canes. Good quality leather shoes and boots are a must too. Where you can buy – in Spain the shopper can find items of high quality at a fair price, not only in the cities, but in the small towns as well. In Madrid the Rastro Market is recommended, particularly on Sundays. 





With a triad of truly great art museums that include the Museo del Prado, and buildings like the Palacio Real that span the centuries, plus lively plazas, mighty boulevards and neighbourhoods brimming with character, Spain has plenty of sights to keep the eyes, ears and mind occupied.





Throughout Spain, folklore is very much alive and there is always some form of folk festival occurring. It is almost impossible for a visitor to be anywhere in the country for more than a fortnight without something taking place. La Tamborrada (Festividad de San Sebastián) in San Sebastián on 19 January, a short but rowdy event where the whole town dresses up and goes berserk. Carnivals take place throughout the country in late February; the wildest are said to be in Sitges and Cádiz. In March, Valencia has a week-long party known as Las Fallas, which is marked by all-night dancing, drinking, first-class fireworks and colour ful processions. Semana Santa (Holy Week) is the week leading up to Easter Sunday, and is marked by parades of holy images through the streets; Seville is the place to be if you can get accommodation. In late April, Seville's Feria de Abril is a weeklong party counterbalancing the religious fervour of Semana Santa. The last Wednesday in August sees the Valencian town of Buñol go bonkers with La Tomatina, in which the surplus from its tomato harvest is sploshed around in a friendly riot. The Running of the Bulls (Fiesta de San Fermín) in Pamplona in July is perhaps Spain's most famous festival.


   Places of Intrest



Widely known for Flamenco, music and dance, bull fights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, Spain has a lot to offer. Barcelona is one of the most dynamic and stylish cities. The beautiful mountainous northern area of Las Hurdes is a must see. As is Alhambra, one of the greatest accomplishment for Islamic architecture. The Alcazar is a castle to inspire fairytale adventures. Don’t miss out on the truly awe-inspiring La Sagrada Familial, the unfinished Cathedral of Antoni Gaudi.


   Sports and Leisure



Football is one of Spains obsessions. Golf can be played at various places but Golf Park is open to all. Out door swimming pools are available in the summer, as well as a few aqua parks. Tennis is a favourite in Spain and can be played, expensively, at scenic lake side courts.


   Out and About

Being a country of immigrants, Spain is a stronghold of Austrian, Andalucian, Basque, Navarran, Catalan, Valencian, Murcian and Galician lifestyles. It also offers international cuisines from French to Indian to North African. Try the outstanding seafood and fabulous tapas in any of the many cafes or restaurants available. Or enjoy the night out via a plethora of bars, great nightlife, all-night-long dance clubs, and a whirl of flamenco, jazz, salsa and rock venues. And there’s plenty of old-fashioned entertainment for opera, theatre and dance buffs.


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