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Seven day tour “Magic Bangkok”

Stay at the Twin Towers Hotel and live the magic of Thailand! Visit Damnernsadak and the Rose Garden, wonder at the magnificence of the temples and wander among the streets and markets.



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Nine day tour of Bangkok and Ko Samui


Stay at the Twin Towers Hotel and live the magic of Thailand! Visit Damnernsadak and the Rose Garden, wonder at the magnificence of the temples and wander among the streets and markets, then spend a couple of nights on Ko Samui. This beautiful island off southeastern Thailand is covered with coconut plantations and circled by palm-fringed beaches.




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Ten day trip to Phuket and Bangkok

Truly Thai, Phuket is a whirl of colour and activity! Spend a few days enjoying all the entertainment it has to offer before going back to the capital city of Bangkok. The Floating Market, Rose garden and temples galore await you.


Useful Information




What you can buy 

What you can buy –Handicrafts, clothes, textiles, silk, cotton and leather products – all at unbeatable value, quality and selection. Don’t miss out on the semi precious stones available! Where you can buy – Modern department stores, shopping malls, boutiques, night and street markets. Be sure to visit the amulet market in Ratchandt. 





Thailand’s nightlife is legendary – classical Thai dancing, discotheques, restaurants, nightclubs and bars are abundant. Go wild! 




Many festivals are linked to Buddhist or Brahman rituals and follow a lunar calendar. New Year/Songkran, is celebrated in mid-April by ‘bathing’ Buddha images, paying respects to monks and elders by sprinkling water over their hands, and generally tossing a lot of water in the air for fun. The sowing and harvesting of rice has given rise to a cycle of festivals. To kick off the official rice-planting season in May, the king participates in an ancient Brahman ritual in a large field ( Sanam Luang ) in central Bangkok; a Rocket Festival is held in May in the country’s northeast, using a volatile mixture of bamboo and gunpowder to convince the sky to send rain for the new rice season; and the rice harvest from September through to May leads to joyous local celebrations throughout Thailand. The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket and Trang, during which devout Chinese Buddhists eat only vegetarian food, runs for nine days from late September to early October. Merit-making processions are the most visible expression of this festival, but there are also ceremonies at Chinese temples. The Elephant Roundup in Surin in November is a festival popular with the kind of people who enjoy watching pachyderms play soccer. During the Loi Krathong Festival, held after the rainy season (usually in November), candle-lit floats are cast into waterways to bring good fortune for the coming year.



   Places of Intrest



There is so much to do in Thailand it would take life-time to explore fully! Cruise the rivers and klongs (canals) or visit the magnificent temple of the gleaming Buddha, Wat Phra Kaew & Grand Palace. Other temples include: Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Pho (Temple of Reclining Buddha), Wat Saket (Golden Mount) and the Emerald Buddha Temple. Jim Thompson’s House Museum is and interesting visit as is the three thousand peaks in Kao Sam. Phuket, dubbed the “pearl of the south” is a must.


   Sports and Leisure


Water sports of all kinds including para-sailing, diving, snorkelling, wind sur fing and deep sea fishing. Swing a few clubs playing golf or take a hike around the hills. Relax and indulge in one of the wellness centres and spas.


   Out and About


From classical dance and river cruises to a pulsating nightlife, there is abundant entertainment. For gourmet lovers there is a vast choice – from street vendors to fine dining restaurants.


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