Tour of Tunis, Sousse and Hammamat.

Get a feel of an extraordinary area of the world. Visit Sousse, the renounced Hammamat, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.


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What you can buy 

What you can buy – a sharp eye and nerves of steel will make shopping a real pleasure! Practice the art of bargaining and go wild! Offering everything from old carpet to birdcages, everything is stamped with calibre! Aim for the excellent arts and crafts and traditional work. Where you can buy – the quality and price controlled Artisanat (handicraft shops) are the official place to buy but explore the markets and Souks of the old city for objects of unsurpassed beauty. 







An expression of extremes, explore all this country has to offer; interesting architecture, good food.






In terms of secular festivals, July and August are the months to remember. The main event on the Tunis calendar is the Carthage International Festival, which fills those months with music, dance and theatre per formances at Carthage’s heavily restored Roman theatre. The El-Jem International Symphonic Music Festival is held every July. The Dougga Festival of classical drama also takes place in July and August in Dougga. After the summer heat dies down, the biennial Carthage International Film Festival (concentrating on Middle Eastern and African cinema) takes place in October in odd-numbered years.


   Places of Intrest




The fertile peninsula of Cap Bon is a popular tourist spot as is the labyrinth old town of Tozeur. For another taste of the ancient, visit the ancient city Carthage, founded by Phoenicians and home of Hannibal, and the flower filled ruins of Utica. The fans of Star Wars would find it interesting to visit the set at Matmata. The El-Jem is World Heritage-listed and quite possibly the single most impressive Roman monument in Africa. For the ultimate luxury pamper yourself in the Roman era hot springs in Hamman Mellegue or Hamman Lif, which has been a spa resort for thousands of years.


   Sports and Leisure




While Tunisia has a justified deserved reputation for beautiful beaches and sparkling clean seas, with the mild year round climate, this blessed land is also a heaven for the sports minded. Sea sports enjoyed during the summer can well be practised for most of the year in southern resort areas. Sports such as golf, tennis, diving, hunting, riding, sur fing, sailing, hiking and discovering the numerous sites, cities and museums are year round recreations. Where some sports are not available at your hotel, clubs with small entry fees furnish additional facilities. For the amateur, these clubs can provide lessons at a very reasonable cost and some will rent the necessary equipment.


   Out and About


Dine in one of the bazaar cafes, kebab houses and taverns or try one of the famous fish restaurants along the Bosphorus. As a cultural and entertainment hub, Istanbul offers modern and classical plays, opera, ballet and folkloric shows.





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