Adventure with Roberto

Roberto Massis started his carrier on 1998 as a biblical & classical Guide. In 2003 Roberto moved to Jordan & became a license guide to link & experience the both sides of the Holy Land with Bible.

In the same Roberto was working in Jordan in Eco-Adventure field & became specialist in Jordan Hidden Treasures Adventure tours (Hiking, rock Climb, Mountain Climb, Repelling, Abseiling, Camel Ride, Camping, Canyoning, Swimming, Desert Safari, Birdwatching & Diving).

It is well known that Robert opens his own routes in nature in the same valleys that the explores did in the past two decades. In 2009 Roberto Climbed Africa’s Highest Point 5895 m Above Sea Level in Tanzania & raised the Jordanian flag on mount Kilimanjaro.

He is planning to Climb the rest of the 7 high summits of the 7 continents.

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