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Jordan is one of the best Spa tourism destinations in the world; the Dead Sea is considered the biggest & the best Spa world wide.




At 120 meters below sea level and in one of the most breath-taking desert oasis in the world, lies another natural wonder: the Ma'in Springs (Hammamat Ma'in in Arabic) and the hyper – thermal waterfalls that draw thousands of visiting bathers every year.


The mineral rich waters that feed the 109 hot and cold springs in the valley originate from winter rain falls in the highland plains of Jordan. Through the years, this water slowly seeps into the lower bedrock layers. Most of this water, however, becomes heated to hyper thermal temperatures of up to 63 C by underground lava fissures before it pours out of the mountain and into the Zarqa – Main River.

The mineral richness of the hot waters of Ma’in turns it into good quality thermal water. The availability of several mineral salts provide various natural beneficial treatments for the body. The heat of the water will help in the penetration of these elements giving deep muscular relaxation for the body. 


The Dead Sea

It is extremely deep (averaging about 1,000 feet), salty and the lowest body of water in the world. The Dead Sea is supplied by a number of smaller streams, springs, and the Jordan River.


The sunset touching distant hills with ribbons of fire across the water of the Dead Sea brings a sense of unreality to culminate a day's visit to the lowest spot on earth. To reach this unique spot, a visitor enjoys a short, 55-kilometer (50 miles) road drive from Amman, surrounded by a landscape that might be from another planet. En route a stone marker indicates "Sea Level", but the Dead Sea itself is not reached before descending another 400 meters (1000 feet) below this sign.   
As the name suggests, the sea is devoid of life due to an extremely high content of salts and minerals, it is the natural elements, which give the water its curative power, recognized since 2,000 years ago. It also provides the raw materials for the renowned Jordanian Dead Sea bath salt and cosmetic products that are well known around the world.
For travelers who search for relaxation and therapy, Amiral Tours offers healthful spas in spectacular settings. The water of the Dead Sea is intensely saline and rich in minerals. At the lowest point on the surface of the earth, it is also a magical serene, and a quiet place.



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